Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is tasked with overseeing the planning and operations of the Sailing School. To contact the board, please email

Program Director

The Program Director leads the program, overseeing all staff and classes both on and off the water. The Program Director is focused on training and supervising staff, maintaining the correct powerboat/sailboat ratio, monitoring weather, advising race team/regatta participation, and monitoring instruction on the water.

Program Administrator

The Program Director assists the Program Director with registration and administration. The Program Administrator is on site during the morning to help with questions and help guide students who are new to the program.

Senior Instructors (SIs), Instructors (Is), and Junior Instructors (JIs)

Buzzards Sailing School has three levels of instructors: Senior Instructors (SIs), Instructors (Is), and Junior Instructors (JIs). Our staff generally rises through the program from students to JIs, to Is, to SIs. This gives them a familiarity with the program and the local sailing area, and it helps to ensure that students have a team well-versed in our program. It also creates a fantastic sailing culture and community. SIs often race on college teams and some Is and JIs race on high school teams.

  • SIs manage each of our classes, setting lesson plans and courses for the day, and ensuring supporting staff are deployed either in boats with students or accompanying them in powerboats.
  • Is support SIs and assist them in executing lesson plans and overseeing students.
  • JIs work with our morning classes and are generally also students in our afternoon classes. They sail with students in Widgeons and assist with a variety of other important morning class tasks.