Private Lessons in Widgeons

Monday – Thursday, 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

BSS offers private instruction for students looking to learn the basics of sailing, or focused instruction in specific skills. All lessons are held in Widgeons. Instructors can take up to three students for afternoon sailing lessons. Class content will be based on students’ experience, and on desired levels of instruction. Private lessons run three hours long, by the day, and may be booked for multiple days. Private lessons are not meant to substitute for regular classes. Availability of Private Lessons depends on staff and fleet availability and varies weekly. BSS cannot confirm availability until the summer season begins. Fees are $180 per single session for up to two students and $200 per session with three students.


Please contact BSS directly at or call (508) 563-9757 during the summer season to discuss needs or book space.


Adults seeking private lessons, please contact Buzzards Yacht Club: