Registration is open to students ages 7 – 18. Minimum enrollment is two weeks for Opti and 420 classes. Widgeon sailors may enroll for one week but are strongly encouraged to do two weeks. You may not register a child for partial weeks, and refunds will not be given for missed classes. Classes fill up quickly, and it can be hard to add weeks once the season begins.

Class Placement and Registration Policy

Please accurately estimate your student’s skill level as refunds will not be granted for students who are not in the appropriate class and cannot be reassigned to other classes due to capacity or schedule conflicts. Please confer with the Program Director if you have any questions regarding class placement. Any student will be permitted to enroll and/or sail in the program as long as they adhere to BSS’s safety and discipline policies. Failure to do so, will result in removal without a refund. The Program Director has the discretion to assign or reassign students based on mission, curricula, class, and school capacity.

Registration is considered final. BSS reserves the right to cancel any class for weather or safety considerations and no refunds will be provided.

Spectator Boat / Parent On-Water Coaching Policy

BSS prohibits parents/interested parties from participating on the water during a class (unless such activity has been approved by the Program Director)Well-intentioned, curious parents pose a signficant operational risk for our classes. Students can be distracted by such visits, frequently leading to boom hits. Additionally, the presence of such craft pose hazards to sailors particularly when trying to sail around these boats. Parents/interested parties will be warned once on the water and any repeated offense will lead to the sailor’s dismissal from the program without a refund.

No Drone Policy

Drones are prohibited from flying over sailors in our program. Drones are a dangerous distraction to sailors, and to the safety of classmates and instructors, no matter how tempting they seem as observation devices. Students whose parents/interested parties are identified sending drones over classes-in-progress shall be dismissed from the program and no refunds will be provided.

Property Note and Student Observation Policy

Buzzards Sailing School (BSS) rents the clubhouse and dock usage from the Wings Neck Trust Association. As such, the facilities, beach, and docks are private property. Facilities may be used by Sailing School students only under the supervision of BSS Staff during class time. BSS understands that parents may wish to view their children on the water, but we must inform you there are no public viewing areas. We appreciate your adherence to the privacy policies of our rental agreement.

Equipment Respect and Replacement Policy

Sailing is an intensely equipment dependent sport, and BSS provides high-quality vessels for its students. The trained and competent staff teaches the proper rigging, launching, and recovery of all boats. This instruction includes but is not limited to the securing of spinnaker poles, sprit poles, and rudders.

BSS students shall, without any compromise, respect BSS boats, and equipment. It is the policy of BSS that boats never collide. If damage or loss occurs due to negligence, or intentional conduct of a student, it shall be the responsibility of the student and their family to repair boats or replace equipment at the discretion and direction of BSS. BSS at its sole discretion may elect to use insurance and shall seek deductible reimbursement and premium penalties.

The Program Director shall make the determination if a violation of the above policy occurred. Further, if a student intentionally sails into another boat or object during class, including while racing, the Program Director may order a student off the water, and may direct the student to be excluded from BSS. No damage need occur to vessels for dismissal.