Wind and Weather

Please make sure your sailor is dressed appropriately for the day – whatever it might bring. We almost always sail! 

Buzzards Bay is blessed with excellent summer sailing conditions, and the famous afternoon southwest breeze is the envy of much of the country. Families should be aware that we consistently sail in 10-20 knot breezes. It is rare for a class to be cancelled due to too much wind. Our program is designed so that our younger and less-experienced sailors sail in the morning, ideally before the breeze fills in. However, this is not always the case, and we also have a number mornings with a strong north/northeast wind which can be hard to find shelter from. 

On windy days, the Program Director will make the final decision about whether to conduct a class on the water. A student/parent/guardian has the unrestricted right to choose not to sail. If a student/parent/guardian decides that the student will not sail, the student should be picked up immediately as the remainder of the class will be on the water sailing. No refunds are given should a student opt not to sail on any given day. 

We are also fortunate not to have significant day-time lightening activity during the summer. Again, it is rare for us not to sail. (Our location is especially lucky as most of the activity remains on the far shore of Buzzards Bay or tracks east over the Elizabeth Islands towards Vineyard Sound).

When we have to stay on land for weather, we play land and sailing-related games. Students are dismissed at the regular time.