Please use this chart as a tool to pick the most appropriate class for your student. However, if there are any questions or concerns, please contact the BSS Sailing Director or Program Administrator.

How much sailing experience does the student have?

None or Some*

LTS Widgeon

Some and Experience Soloing*

LTS Optimist

Have Completed I/R Classes at BSS*

LTS 420

Completed LTS Classes or Some Experience

Advanced Beginning, I/R

Has Sailed Optis and Can Solo Sail

I/R Optimist

Has Sailed 420s**

I/R 420s

*Students over 5’3″ or 90 pounds in weight should not sail in Optimists. Widgeons or 420s are better for these students. Similarly, students under 5’3″ or 90 pounds should not sail in 420s. Widgeons or Optimists are better for these students. The ideal class will depend on the level of experience. Please read class descriptions found on our website at http://buzzardssailing.org/ for more information or contact us at BSS.

**Prerequisite is 4 weeks of LTS 420s. Students under 5’3″ or 90 pounds should not sail in 420s.

LTS = Learn to Sail (our morning classes)
I/R = Intermediate and Racing (our afternoon classes)

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available as an option for students who cannot enroll for a full week or who would like some experience before starting classes. Private lessons may be for up to three students at a time.