From Pocasset center, turn right onto Wings Neck Road and left onto South Road. Observe posted speed limits. At the fork with the “Wings Neck Trust” sign, bear left onto South Road. Proceed to BSS at 99 South Road; it will appear on the left about a half mile down the road. Signs will alert you to slow down and staff will be there to greet you. Cyclists may turn onto the school path and park bicycles in the bike racks.

Motorists should pull onto the soft shoulder to drop off students and then continue in the same direction to return to Wings Neck Road. Do not attempt a U-turn in this congested area. We also ask for your cooperation in not using local driveways for turning as these are private residences. After students have crossed the road safely, motorists should continue in the same direction to the next fork in South Road. Turn hard right at that fork onto Wings Neck Road to return. This route will seem best after you’ve done it once.


Traffic Management and Cyclists

South Road and the approaches to the sailing school are narrow residential roadways. While we understand the desire of students to cycle to the school, we do wish to draw your attention to the associated hazards to cars and cyclists alike. Parents of those cycling to and from the sailing school are requested to reinforce good roadway habits and a high degree of caution. Drivers are asked to exercise extra caution from Pocasset Village to the region of the school, where people on the roadway are most prevalent. Pick-ups and turnarounds are matters requiring constant care as they are undertaken on South Road.


Please call BSS directly (508) 563-9757 before classes start if you have specific pick-up / drop off exceptions.