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Summer only, not active off-season.


2018 Weeks

Week 1:
June 25 - June 28

Week 2:
July 2 - July 5 (We will have class July 4.)

Week 3:
July 9 - July 12

Week 4:
July 16 - July 19

Week 5:
July 23 - July 26

July 30 - August 2

Week 7:
August 6 - August 9

Week 8:
August 13 - August 16

Sailing School Class Registration

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Learn-to-Sail Widgeons ($175/Week) Qualifies for Opti Discount? No

Learn-to-Sail Optimists ($175/Week) Qualifies for Opti Discount? Yes

Learn-to-Sail 420s ($175/Week) Qualifies for Opti Discount? No

Intermediate Widgeons ($185/Week) Qualifies for Opti Discount? No

Intermediate and Racing Optimists ($195/Week) Qualifies for Opti Discount? Yes

Intermediate and Racing 420s ($195/Week) Qualifies for Opti Discount? No

Note: class levels will be assigned and confirmed by the BSS staff.

Choose Main Program Week Numbers Desired: (weeks that are full cannot be selected)
1Jun 25 - June 28
2Jul 2 - Jul 5
3Jul 9 - Jul 12
4Jul 16 - Jul 19
5Jul 23 - Jul 26
6July 30 - Aug 2
7Aug 6- Aug 9
8Aug 13 - Aug 16

Check if you will bring your own Optimist and qualify for the 20% discount on your main program

These are additional programs offered this season:

Private Lessons

Whether your student is looking to learn the basics of sailing or you'd like focused instruction in specific skills, BSS offers private instruction. All lessons are held in our Widgeons, and instructors can take up to three students on the water for afternoon lessons. Class content will be determined based on a student's experience and desired level of instruction. All private lessons are per day and are 3 hours in length. You may be book Private Lessons for multiple days. Private lessons are not meant to replace regular classes. Availability for Private Lessons depends on staff and fleet availability and will vary weekly. For that reason, BSS cannot confirm availability until regular weekly sailing classes begin.  Fees are 0 for a single session with up to two students and 0 for a single session with three students. Please contact BSS directly to discuss needs and to book space at, or during the summer season at (508) 563-9757.

For those adults seeking private lessons, please contact the Buzzards Yacht Club,

Buzzards Yacht Club Junior Membership

The BYC is committed to promoting junior sailing/racing and is excited to offer a new BYC Junior Membership for 12 to 21 year olds whose parents are not already members of the BYC. Junior membership includes:

  • An invitation to age appropriate BYC events including the Chowder Race and the Fun Race
  • Inclusion on crew lists for the PHRF and Senior Series races
  • BYC cap in red, white or blue with a Lid Latch
You can enroll through the registration process. For current members who are interested in the benefits of a Junior Membership, please contact the BYC directly.

Medical Information and Release

Please check those that apply and provide necessary details in the space below.

Chronic Ailments

Asthma or other respiratory problems

Circulatory or heart problems

Diabetes or hypoglycemia

Hemophilia or other bleeding problems



Bee stings or other insect bites

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Others, if significant (specify which in text box below)

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Registration is open to all students age 8 - 18. The board and staff have the discretion to assign or re-assign students based on mission, curricula, class and school capacity. Registration will be granted first to those with complete applications, including all forms and payment. Applications will be confirmed by notice. A student will be permitted to continue in the program as long as the student adheres to safety and discipline policies.

Medical Information and Release

From time to time, the BSS and/or BYC may post pictures of sailors or race results by racer's name and fleet. If you do not wish your student to be included in this activity, please check below:

I do not want my student's picture and/or name and race results posted.

In consideration of my participation in the Buzzards Sailing School and Buzzard Yacht Club programs, I acknowledge, appreciate, and agree that:

  1. I risk bodily injury, including disability and death as well as the risk of damage to or loss of property;
  2. I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown;
  3. I, for myself, and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives, and next of kin, hereby release, hold harmless and promise not to sue the Buzzards Sailing School, Inc. or any of its officers, directors, agents or employees with respect to injuries or loss of property from my participation even though such injury or loss of property may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities mentioned above.
  4. During windy days the Sailing Director will make the final decision about whether to conduct class on the water. A student/parent/guardian has the unrestricted right to choose not to sail. If a student/parent/guardian decides that the student will not sail, the student should be picked up immediately as the remainder of the class will be on the water sailing. A student who is on the water and later decides to leave the water will be escorted by staff to shore where the student will properly de-rig their boat, store equipment and make contact to be picked up immediately. When the student makes it to shore, the staff member will return immediately to class to supervise the students on the water. Students returning to shore are not permitted to remain unsupervised at the clubhouse and must be collected by their parent/guardian.

By typing my name below and checking the indicated box, I agree that I have read this Release of Liability and Waiver Agreement and that I fully understand its terms and agree to it freely and voluntarily.

I further authorize the Buzzards Sailing School (BSS) and/or the Buzzards Yacht Club (BYC) organizers or staff members to sanction emergency treatment if a parent/guardian listed above cannot be contacted at the time of an emergency.

Parent and/or Guardian:

I understand the terms of the Release of Liability and Waiver Agreement

Equipment Respect and Replacement Policy

Sailing is an intensely equipment dependent sport. Without a boat and its associated equipment there is no sailing. Buzzards Sailing School, Inc., (BSS) provides above-average vessels for its students. Further, the trained and competent BSS staff instructs the proper rigging, launching and recovery of all boats. This instruction includes but is not limited to the securing of spinnaker poles, sprit poles and rudders.

BSS students shall, without any compromise, respect BSS boats and equipment. If damage or loss occurs due to negligence, or intentional conduct of a student, it shall be the responsibility of the student and his/her family to repair boats, or replace equipment at the discretion and direction of BSS. BSS at its sole discretion may elect to use insurance and shall seek deductible reimbursement and premium penalties.

The Sailing Director and/or Program Administrator shall make the determination if a violation of the above policy occurred. Further, if a student intentionally sails into another boat or object during class, including racing, the Sailing Director and/or Program Administrator may order a student off the water, and may direct the student to be excluded from BSS. No damage need occur to vessels for expulsion as it is the policy of BSS that boats never collide.

Promulgated January 2016 and placed in full force and effect immediately to all students, parents and staff.

Parent and/or Guardian:

I understand the terms of the Equipment Respect and Replacement Policy

Buzzards Gear

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2018 Buzzards moisture-wicking short sleeve t-shirt $20.00:

    Youth S: M: L: Adult S: M: L: XL:

2016 Moisture Wicking Buzzards T-shirt - ocean blue $20.00:

    Adult M: L: XL:

2015 Jubilee Buzzards T-Shirt - silver $25.00:

    Adult 2XL:

Buzzards Hooded Sweatshirt $40.00:

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Buzzards Hooded Sweatshirt $45.00:

    Adult XXL:

Buzzards Yacht Club Junior Membership $25.00:

    Buzzards Baseball Cap with lid latch strap:

Buzzards membership includes a free BYC cap. Please enter the number 1 in the quantity box for the color you want if you are purchasing a membership.

Buzzards Cinch Backpack $25.00:

Buzzards Oval Burgee Sticker $2.00:

BSS Gear will be available for pick up at the clubhouse on your first day of class unless you make other arrangements. We are unable to mail purchases and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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