Buzzards Sailing School

Important Information for Those Enrolled

All children must be encouraged to drink plenty of water whilst out sailing in order to avoid dehydration. Everyone is invited to bring their own water bottle, or to purchase a BSS water bottle at the BSS clubhouse. BSS supplies water to fill them.

Traffic Management and Cyclists:
The approach to the sailing school is a narrow restricted roadway. The school expects many students to bicycle there. Many walkers and cyclists use this road. Motorists and cyclists alike must be aware of the hazards and exercise a high degree of caution.

Directions: Come onto Wings Neck on Wings Neck Road. Observe posted speed limits. At the "Wing’s Neck Trust" sign, bear left onto South Road. Proceed to Buzzards Sailing School; it will appear on the left about a half mile down the road. Traffic cones will alert you to slow down. Cyclists may turn left into the school.

Motorists should pull over in the cone-marked area to drop off students near a marked crosswalk. Do not attempt to U-turn in this congested area. We also ask for your cooperation in not using local driveways for turning as these are private residences. After students have crossed the road safely, motorists should continue in the same direction to the next fork in South Road. Turn hard right at that fork and use Wings Neck Road to return. This route will seem best after you’ve done it once.

Life Jackets:
Every child must bring a Coast Guard approved life jacket with attached whistle to every class, or he/she may not go out in the boats. There will be NO exceptions. The jacket must be the right size, in good condition, and marked with the child's name. The straps and zipper both must be useable for the PFD must be in serviceable condition. The label must be fully readable; if the label is not readable, or the USCG Approval Number cannot be read, then the PFD is not in serviceable condition. The jacket must be worn on dock and in boat at all times.


Average summer weather is a joy but it usually feels cooler on the water than on land.  It's easier to stay warm than to get warm; easier to stay dry than to get dry.  It's easier to remove extra layers than to regret what you left at home.   WE SAIL ON RAINY DAYS unless it's too windy or thunder and lightning threaten.  Sun is pleasant but can become too much of a good thing.  A bad sunburn or chill can dampen a youngster's enthusiasm and snuff a growing love of the sport.  Preparing for all kinds of weather prepares a sailor for all kinds of enjoyment.

Wearing a bathing suit under clothing and bringing a towel is advised.  Hats, sunglasses and wearing sunblock are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

CLOSED-TOED SHOES MUST BE WORN.  Boat shoes or other rubber-soled, high-traction shoes that will not be damaged by water (they will get wet) are recommended.  Flip-flops are not acceptable.

Bad Weather:
We will sail on rainy days unless it is also very windy or there is the possibility of thunder and lightning. BE SURE YOUR CHILD BRINGS ADEQUATE RAIN GEAR AND WARM CLOTHING.

Parent Volunteers:
Our paid staff runs all teaching and activities. However, we occasionally need parents to help drive sailors to away races, prepare a cookout or chaperone a special event.

If there is a problem, we want to know about it. Students often talk at home but not in class. If something is truly bothering your child, please have him or her talk to Chris Dumas our program director, or call him yourself (508-563-9757). Most problems are pretty easy to fix, but we need to know about them. (Please do not try to talk to staff members about problems immediately before or after classes. They do not have the time to deal with individual issues at these times.)

Pick-up / Drop-Off Time:
Please be prompt in dropping off and picking up your child. If you are late, we have to remain with your child until his/her ride comes. Students are not permitted to hang around before and after lessons.

Parent Meetings:
Every Monday, after classes start for the day, our program director holds a parent meeting. This is an opportune time for parents to hear about the school, learn about class objectives for the week and upcoming regattas, and to ask any questions. Meetings will start at 9:15 am. New class weeks start every week, making Monday mornings a very busy time. For those parents who attend the meeting, we kindly ask you to stand aside while the classes get underway.

School Merchandise:
Buzzards Sailing School T-shirts, sweatshirts, wind jackets and water bottles are available and may be purchased at registration or at classes.

Tuition Payments:
Minimum enrollment is one week. You may not register a child for partial weeks, and refunds will not be given for missed classes. Payments should be made by credit card (via our in-line registration), check or money order to: Buzzard Sailing School. Please note first and last names of the children you are paying for in the lower left corner of the check so that we may properly credit your account.

Property Note and Student Observation Policy:
Please note that while the Buzzards Sailing School provides a community-wide sailing program, we only rent the clubhouse building and marina facilities. As such, these facilities -- along with the beach and docks -- are private property. Facilities may be used only by sailing school students under the supervision of the Instructors during class time. While we understand that parents occasionally wish to view their children on the water, we must inform you there that are no practical public viewing areas. We appreciate your adherence to the privacy policies of our rental agreement.

Not sure which class to select? See our class selection flowchart.


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